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"CloutHub doesn't just offer free speech. It combines the features of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in one place. It's the Swiss Army knife of social media."

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  • No Censorship: We honor your right to think and say what you believe about today's key issues and topics
  • Privacy: No data-mining, tracking or selling user data
  • Non-Biased: CloutHub is a platform for Everyone - Left, Right or somewhere in between
  • Healthy: Designed to protect user health through the return of thoughtful, civil discourse and interaction on a clean platform
  • All-in-One: Users can connect, socialize and will be able to do everything they currently do on existing social media.

Introducing CloutHub: Social Media Created For Civic, Social and Political Engagement

CloutHub is the PLACE to Connect, Socialize & Engage in the Civic, Social & Political Issues, Policies & Causes You Care About!

CloutHub believes social media should be used to bring people together in a positive and thoughtful way, and empower them to influence the issues, policies and causes they care about.

CloutHub is Social Media for Grown-Ups. We don't play games. We exist to help you achieve your goals. Users can socialize, express themselves, share their content, and grow their followers & clout, without being censored, suppressed or manipulated.

CloutHub believes users are valued customers. This means we protect your privacy. No data-mining, No tracking & No selling your data like the other platforms do, EVER!

CloutHub believes that a platform should be neutral and we support an open and free exchange of ideas for all, including the left, the right and those in the middle.

As CloutHub continues to grow and add features it will be an all-In-one complete platform that allows you to connect and socialize and do everything you currently do on existing social media, but in one platform.

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