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CloutHub is the first-ever social media platform specifically created for civic and political networking.

Our focus is simple: don't just post, but do. By leveraging the power of social media via CloutHub, we can bring people together and empower them with tools to influence the issues they care about.

We are a solutions and results-oriented platform designed to bring people together by empowering users to choose society over self. CloutHub enables users to engage in local, state, and national action, hold elected officials accountable, and make a positive impact in society today. 

While the tech giants practice censorship, we practice citizenship.

CloutHub is social media done right. Big Tech has lost their way, with the latest examples of censorship serving as a wake-up call for millions of users like you. Unlike legacy social media platforms, CloutHub will protect your privacy with no data-mining, tracking, or selling user data. More importantly, we offer a neutral platform for social engagement that safeguards our user's rights to free speech.

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